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House Should Vote for ObamaCare Repeal Anyway

As a preface, if there is to be any compromise, it must come from the left. Whatever mandate Obama thought he had, it’s gone. He doesn’t get to extend the olive branch. He only gets to choose whether or not to accept one. Obama should stop asking, “where will the Republicans be willing to compromise?” Compromising is his job–although I doubt he will accept it.

The Republicans should not accept the premise that Liberal Democrats should be allowed to keep the spoils of their brief one-party rule unchallenged.  Although the Republicans won’t be able to get much done aside from cutting spending since they only control the House, they can force the Democrats to defend their agenda, Obama’s agenda, over and over and over again all the way until 2012.  After Tuesday, how long do you think they’d hold out?  If I had it my way, I’d pass a full repeal of ObamaCare on a monthly basis until the Democrats cracked or we arrived at the next election cycle.  To whatever extent possible, the GOP should force Obama to veto repeal, and continue his pattern of defiance towards the American people.  Make him defend ObamaCare; make him defend what remains of the unspent stimulus funds; make him defend “financial reform;’ for once in his career, make him defend his true agenda.