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Get Your Own Bus

CATS LogoAll of 61 people were outraged to learn that the city of Mooresville was canceling its Mooresville-Charlotte express bus.  Cutting the thrice daily round trip will shave around $50,000 from the city’s budget.  Naturally, its entitled passengers aren’t happy with the decision.  Riders ask how they’re supposed to get to work without the bus line.  My recommendation: buy a repossessed car.  They’re cheap, and they work.  But perhaps I’m being unreasonable.  Maybe these 61 people can’t afford a car.  Maybe they don’t have a place to store a vehicle.  It’s possible they could need a bus to run at three times its capacity.  In that case, get your own bus.

With 61 people, it would cost less than $1000 per year to maintain the contract the city of Mooresville has decided to drop.  That’s less than $20 per week (their transportation would still be heavily subsidized by the city of Charlotte).  The riders would get to keep their bus, but without sticking the bill to their neighbors in Mooresville who never use the transit system., and they would accomplish this for a price far less than owning their own vehicle.

Many would jump at the chance to limit their transportation costs to around $2,400, the price of unlimited bus travel and the $1000 payment to keep their express route.  At this rate, they’d be spending close to what the average person spends on gas in a year.  They would basically be getting free maintenance.  It’s a frank demonstration of our nation’s growing entitlement mentality that this hasn’t even been suggested as a possible solution—nor will it be outside of talk radio and Conservative think tanks.  Instead, the 61 riders would rather claim a false right to appropriate your taxes to secure their livelihood.  This is an unsustainable trend, and at some point, it must be reversed.