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Success: A Sin Against Government

Even as our President crams through book deals to evade his own tax increases, Barack Obama’s message to college students is clear: success is overrated. One would think in a time of recession the leaders of our country would encourage those about to enter a troubled job market not to be discouraged, to use their talents to find prosperity in an unstable climate, and begin rebuilding our weakened economy. Barack Obama does not share this view, and the roots of his indoctrination as a community organizer slipped through during his commencement appearances. This doctrine condemns self-interest and personal prosperity, and it’s followers, like Obama, believe success can be achieved only at the expense of another individual.

During his appearances, Obama encouraged students to turn down down the corner office in order to help a “struggling not-for-profit.”  He encouraged young teachers to employ their talents at a troubled, inner-city school instead of a selective, private institution all in the name of “giving back to the community.  While these suggestions may seem admirable, they are also unsustainable.  While there will always be a market for charitable work and nonprofit organizations, they cannot form the bedrock of a sound economy.  Although groups like the Salvation Army provide invaluable services to many in need, they can produce nothing.  Companies like this thrive on donations and volunteer labor.  If the donors disappeared, who would foot the bill?  If everyone worked for sustenance, who would have the time or energy for unpaid work?

The reality is that students need to take the corner office in order to allow them the means to give back to the community.  Without independent success, they have nothing to give.  Who is better able to support charity?  A man with a corner office  and plenty of expendable income, or the paradigm of the community organizing “messiah” living from paycheck to paycheck trying to revive a failing cause?