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DSCC Grossly Misrepresents Rand Paul’s Tax Position

The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee has begun running this ad against Rand Paul in a desperate attempt to derail his bid for the Kentucky Senate seat:

The ad claims Paul wants to dramatically increases taxes for Kentucky residents and the nation.  Let’s take a minute to bask in the irony of Democrats accusing anyone of being a “tax hiker,” especially as Democrat party leadership discusses introducing a “value-added tax,” or compounding sales tax.  The claim as presented in this video simply isn’t true.  While they haven’t technically lied, they have grossly misrepresented Paul’s  position on taxes.

Paul supports the FairTax plan, a consumption-based taxation system.  Currently, this plan does call for a 23% sales tax, but the Democrats are leaving out the most important part of this plan.  The FairTax system would also take a torch to the entire tax code as it exists today.  It would eliminate every other federal tax we currently pay.  Income taxes, gone; payroll taxes, gone; gas tax, gone; you get the picture.  The FairTax would eradicate business uncertainty.  The only thing that could change would be the tax rate. It would ease our individual tax burden, and it would accomplish all of this without reducing revenues to the treasury.

There is only one reason Democrats don’t like this plan.  It represents a massive reduction in government power.  It would strip Democrats like Charlie Rangel of their power to meddle in our lives through punitive taxes.  They would no longer be able to play favorites, and grant tax breaks to favored companies.  Instead, everyone, big or small, would finally have to play by the same rules.  Democrats are scared of rising support for the FairTax because they love meddling in people’s lives.  The entire premise of big government policies supported by Democrats rests on the assumption that average Americans are too stupid to run their own lives.  The FairTax denies this assumption and restores financial control to the people.


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