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NAACP, in Collaboration with Other Radical Leftists, Slanders Tea Party … Again

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, under the direction of Benjamin Jealous, has revived its campaign to slander the Tea Party as a racist organization.  On the bright side, they’ve completely given up any remaining facade of non-partisanship, and teamed up with Think Progress, Media Matters, and .. wait for it .. New Left Media to bring us TeaPartyTracker.org.  The site’s self-proclaimed mission is to monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.”  Naturally, they’ve documented this extremism with photographic evidence. Among the photos on the site:

Such extremist racism, how dare these white people ask to be remembered by the politicians they elected to represent them in Congress.  They actually have the audacity to demand that politicians do their jobs.  Are you trembling yet?  Well you will be soon.

Standing with Arizona? That’s a clear red flag.  As we all know, enforcing the law is the domain of violent, radical, extremists, and it’s also racist because law enforcement officers unfairly target only those engaged in illegal activity with their wrath.

This image is clearly racist, because it makes fun of Obama’s logo.  Since the person holding the sign is white, and Obama is biracial, the manipulated logo is clearly a racist attack on Obama himself, and not a statement on the health care legislation Democrats forced through Congress.  At least she acknowledges her own racism, and has conveniently created another sign with instructions on how to report her extremist activity to the government.  At this point, I can understand if you don’t want to continue reading.  The trauma of these extremist, racist images is just too much for some people to bear.  For the rest, I present our next image:

In this image, we have not just one racist Tea Party extremist, but an entire group.  Where do we even begin.  First, there’s the man with the “pay your own mortgage sign.”  Pay your own mortgage?  Is he out of his mind?  But it doesn’t stop there.  Next to him stands a man with a sign making fun of Obama’s change mantra.  Since the man holding the sign is white, his only motivation to criticize Obama must be racism.  I’m not even going to mention those hoodlums in the background; the horror of their signage is just too great.  And finally, the crown jewel of the collection:

The obligatory Obama/Hitler sign.  But wait, does that say LarouchePAC.com at the bottom?  But isn’t LarouchePAC an organization of the radical left?  Clearly this image must have been edited by the radical, racist Tea Party extremists because we all know there are no racists on the left, none, not a single one.