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Keith Olbermann: Bashing Islam to Defend His Show?

Let me predicate this by noting that I rarely ever watch the Glenn Beck program, but the liberal fascination with his popularity and attempts to, well, destroy him are actually quite captivating.  Every now and then, I like to point out that Beck routinely carries more viewers than most of MSNBC’s lineup combined—and he does it in the 5 o’clock hour—because the liberal rationalizations are generally amusing.

Last night, around midnight, I posted the following message to my Twitter account:

“Fun Fact: @GlennBeck has more viewers than @KeithOlbermann, Rachel @Maddow, and Chris Matthews combined.”

I wasn’t particularly expecting any response, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the response I received from Keith Olbermann’s account:

@soderstrom yeah, and there are more Muslims than all protestant faiths, and this means WHAT about quality? Correct: nothing.

So let me get this straight, Keith Olbermann is defending his show’s relative lack of viewers by trashing Islam.  I mean, for a liberal to compare Islam, or anything for that matter, to the Glenn Beck program is harsh criticism second only to a Limbaugh reference.  This from the man who’s constantly vilifying Conservatives, like Beck, for “stirring up anti-Islamic sentiment?” That makes sense.  I’m glad to know liberals have such a deep respect for other religions.