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Green Zone aka Bush Lied, the Movie

I don’t normally do movie reviews, but “Green Zone” exemplifies everything that’s wrong with Hollywood. The $100 Million flop is leftist fan fiction. It’s a movie that attempts to take every leftist theory about Iraq and cram it into two hours of anti-American screenplay. Green Zone highlights the very worst about the war, and makes it commonplace.  It pretends that not only was the intelligence falsified, but also that no one in their right mind could possibly believe there were weapons at the sites.  Oh yeah, and Matt Damon is the only soldier who ever questions the intelligence.  Everyone else in the Army just goes along with the plan.  And of course, just to be sure it’s absolutely clear that the Administration lied, the movie claims the United States met with the Iraqi army’s top generals who told them the weapons program didn’t exist.  The entire movie can be summarized by the final scenes:

Leigh Scott of Big Hollywood said it best, writing:

“The film’s plot is rooted in a conspiracy theory that is no more factual or logical than 9/11 Trutherism. The fact that publications like the New York Times, major news networks, and supposedly respected leftist bloggers reinforce and repeat this fantasy does not make it true. The fact that leftist film critics have embraced this film as “speaking truth to power” is laughable and should discredit these individuals rather than give credence to the film’s plot and supposed revelations.

To embrace the ideas behind “The Green Zone” is to indulge in simplistic, blinded, poorly informed, and historically detached information. There is nothing “educated,” “nuanced” or “complex” about the idea that the United States government lied to the world to depose Saddam Hussein in an effort to steal Iraq’s natural resources. To believe that requires a lack of intellect and critical thinking, not an elevated amount of intelligence.

…. Like Obama’s speeches, these narratives are juvenile, emotional, and partisan rants wrapped in big words and condescending tones. You can add as much faux sincerity and shaky cam as you want; it doesn’t change the fact that at it’s core “The Green Zone” is a sophomoric, under thought, and ignorant story.

The only notable action in this flop of a war film is the Wall Street Journal’s unwillingness to fully associate their brand with slanderous drivel.  Whereas all of the other URLs listed are accurate and functional web addresses for their respective news sites, the Wall Street Journal’s online presence is housed at wsj.com, not twsj.com; twsj.com is a parked domain.