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Local Elections Bear Extraordinary Significance in 2010

In a world perpetually bombarded by the 24 hour news cycle, it’s easy to get caught up in the fervor of the national elections.  They seem so important, and they are.  The 2010 midterm elections will determine the nation’s course.  Do we continue down the destructive path of the past two years, or do we pull back from the brink?  But if the national elections bear any significance, local politics is far more important.  While the 2010 midterms will determine our fate for the next two years, local elections will determine our course for decades.

2010 is a redistricting year.  Democrat’s know this, and they’re effective.  In previous years, Democrats in Tennessee have cut the Republican delegation in half simply by moving a few lines.  In North Carolina, Republicans haven’t held a majority in the General Assembly for over 100 years.  If we don’t win one now, then it could be another 100 before we’re given another opportunity.

Redistricting has implications for the national government as well. Far more liberals are sent to from North Carolina to Washington than our population’s preferences ought to warrant.  They are enabled because the lines are drawn in their favor.  They will continue to win national elections until we can change our local politics.

This November, it should be clear.  A vote for a Democrat in any local election is a vote for Obama and everything he represents.  If we’re going to change the direction of our nation, it has to start at the local level.  Only by electing principled Conservatives to the state General Assembly and North Carolina Senate can we begin this process.