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The Kagan Confirmation: A Terrible Welcome Home Present

I spent the past few weeks working at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree and BSA hundredth year celebration in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, about an hour and a half south of the Capitol.  Despite my proximity to the political heart of our nation, I was largely cut off from news about the outside wold.  I was deeply disappointed to learn that the Republicans bent to the will of disconnected Washington Liberals, and voted to confirm Elena Kagan.

Like the President who appointed her, Kagan is the least qualified justice in our nation’s history, and among the most liberal.  Her confirmation is an affront to the Constitution.  She will be a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda, and rather than interpreting the law, she will use her position to defend and advance Obama’s policy objectives, especially those which cannot be accomplished through the legislature.  The only silver lining in this debacle is that she replaces John Paul Stevens.