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What if Justice Played by Al Gore’s Rules?

Al Gore PreachingAl Gore’s marriage has recently dissolved.  Allegedly, he sexually assaulted a masseuse, and there has been enough media attention—primarily ginned up by the infidelity experts at the National Enquirer—to warrant reopening the case.  If justice played by Al Gore’s rules, then I’d recommend the nearest courtroom hand down a conviction as soon as possible, and put this debacle to rest.

After all, a consensus has emerged.  The facts of the case are settled.  We cannot second guess the expert testimony of the crime’s only witness.  By Gore’s own logic, we must acknowledge the crime has occurred.  All we can decide is his fate.  What are the consequences for such a heinous act?  How can we prevent similar crises in the future?

Fortunately for Mr. Gore, our justice system does not play by his rules.  Should this case ever see a courtroom, Gore will be granted an equal opportunity to present his side of the story.  He will be allowed to present his own evidence and to thoroughly examine any evidence brought against him.  Mr. Gore will be judged by a jury of his peers—which, considering his former boss, is probably a bonus.  If only the same level of honest discussion and analysis were allowed in the scientific community, a world which has been muddied by political posturing for far too long.