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Rep. Barton, A Marked Man

First, here are the comments that have so enraged the left.  Barton has the audacity to point out that BP is responsible for the damages it has caused, but those damages should be determined by a court of law, not procured by an administrative shakedown and placed in a slush-fund.

Now, here’s the e-mail I received today from Brad Woodhouse, the DNC Communications Director:

Yesterday, Republican Congressman Joe Barton, the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, issued an outrageous personal apology to BP and slammed the President for his efforts to hold them accountable.

Worse, if the GOP wins back the House, Barton is the guy who could be in charge of regulating the oil industry.

Think about it: In the Gulf right now, jobs are being lost, ecosystems are being destroyed, an entire way of life is being upended. And Joe Barton is apologizing to the oil company that caused the disaster.

Note that he conveniently omits Obama’s drilling moratorium will cause the greatest number of job losses and economic damage in the Gulf region as oil companies terminate their leases and rigs are moved to other countries to drill.

We’re whipping together an ad as fast as possible to make sure voters know exactly whose side Barton and the GOP are on and to demand they stop apologizing to big oil, but we need your help to get it on the air.

If you’re as furious as I am, will you chip in $5 to help us fight back?

The message is clear: defy the administration and the Democrat party will devote all available resources to destroying your political career.