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Reutersgate 2: Reuters Crops Flotilla Passengers’ Weapons out of Photos

Via The Lid, Reuters has a history of doctoring photos to create an anti-Israeli message, and now they’re at it again.  Before publishing pictures from the flotilla incident, Reuters cropped several images so the flotilla passengers’ weapons would not appear.  Here is just one example.  The following picture was published by Reuters:

Notably absent from this image of the so-called “peace activists” restraining an Israeli commando: a large blood smear, a combat knife, and the bloody hand of a second commando.  All of these appear along the right margin in the full version of the photo, and are highlighted below:

Further, the knife cropped out above is no ordinary steak knife.  And I’m pretty sure he’s not getting ready to peel some potatoes.  That’s a combat knife.  Of course, if that’s true, then it blows a sizable hole in the liberal media meme that these were “unarmed peace activists” delivering “humanitarian aide” to those suffering “under the inhuman Israeli-Egyptian siege” who were forced to defend themselves from an armed invasion with “kitchen knives.”  Since no combat knives were recovered by the Israelis, it also lends credence to rumors that the pro-Hamas, Islamic militants on board dumped weapons overboard during the chaos as Israel fought to regain control over the situation.

The flotilla incident was a media stunt.  It’s a shame to see that Reuters has not only fallen in line with the politically correct storyline, but they’re also dutifully doctoring photographs to advance the narrative.


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