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Obama Doesn’t Care What Americans Think

Nearly two months after the Pelosi managed to convince 217 members of Congress to vote against the will of the American people, opposition the health care takeover remains strong.  In Rasmussen’s most recent poll, 56% support a full repeal of the law.  The opposition has remained consistent since the bill passed. Contrary to liberal predictions, support isn’t growing.

Pelosi said Congress had “to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”  And we’re learning fast.  Verizon Wireless was forced to take a $970,000,000 charge to offset new costs created by the law.  AT&T fared even worse with a $1,000,000,000 charge.  More recently, White Castle has announced that a single provision in monstrous legislation will effectively slice their net revenue in half.  So much for opening new stores and taking a slice out of 9.9% unemployment.  White Castle has shelved planned expansion.

Sadly, health care was only the beginning of a trend.  Obama recently attacked Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for doing the federal government’s job.  And his liberal colleagues have already begun the fight for amnesty.  Meanwhile, 70% of Massachusetts residents favor a law banning “public benefits” for illegal aliens, and 55% of Americans favor bringing a similar law to their state.  That’s more people than voted for Obama in 2008.

But the President couldn’t stop there.  He doubled down on job-killing “energy reform,” and has used the Gulf oil spill to advance his anti-oil agenda.  Of course, he is yet again in opposition to the American people.  Despite the spill, 60% still favor offshore drilling.  Obama and the Democrats have yet to win a single, major policy debate.  But instead of revising their plans, instead of reaching some compromise, they have resorted the Chicago thuggery.  Emboldened by their majorities, the left has taken off its mask, and Americans don’t like what their witnessing.  November can’t come too soon.