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Pelosi Finds Consolation In Half Truths

It’s clear, Pelosi says.  America is in an “anti-incumbent mood” as we head into the November elections.  It’s true, in the sense that opposing any currently elected Representative is necessarily “anti-incumbent,” but that’s not what Pelosi means.  The Speaker of the House is hoping to convey the message that voters are just as upset with the GOP as they are with Liberal Democrats.  And that’s hogwash.

While her supporters are quick to cite the recent downfall of Republican Bob Bennett as support for Pelosi’s theory, they ignore the circumstances and the current Democrat exodus from key positions not often surrendered.  Bennett lost because of his slide to the left.  Crist ditched the GOP when it became clear he’d be trounced for the same reason.  Hopefully McCain will be similarly dispatched in the coming Arizona primary.

But as great as the reelection challenge may be for “squishy moderates” in the GOP, it’s nothing compared to devastation headed for the Democrats.  In Arizona, Liberals spoke out against an affirmation of federal law, and simultaneously exposed the farce of border security under liberals and worked in opposition to 70% of the American people who support the law.

Voters still haven’t forgotten health care.  In fact, opposition to ObamaCare has continued to grow and a majority support full repeal.  Since Republicans didn’t give into the “right side of history” BS, there aren’t GOP fingerprints on the bill.  Democrats can’t blame its failures on “bipartisan concessions.” They will bear the full weight of their choice to build a monument for Obama instead of listening to the American people.

But they couldn’t even bring themselves to stop there.  Knowing they face incredible losses in the midterm elections, Democrats are now trying to force through an Amnesty bill to create new voters.  They want an economy-killing, energy-rate-hiking Cap & Tax bill to give Al Gore’s life meaning, and since taking over automakers and the health care industry wasn’t enough, they want to ram through an ill conceived financial “reform” bill that doesn’t address any of the real problems facing our current system.  Sounds like a winning agenda, doesn’t it?

So, go ahead Pelosi.  Keep ignoring the distinctly conservative flavor of this “anti-incumbent mood.” Keep pretending non-partisan discontent is sweeping the nation.  The less prepared you are, the sweeter November will be.  If all goes well, I will gladly watch you dethroned.