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The OfA Spam Machine

On the one hand, I have to hand it to the perpetual Obama campaign.  Organizing against America is an effective enterprise, not because it represents the views of a majority of Americans, but because it has mastered the art of AstroTurf to make minority views appear predominant.  I’ve signed up for numerous websites, including Organizing for America’s email list.  Their most recent target is Senator Burr (R, NC).  Because he doesn’t support Obama’s attempted seizure of the financial industry, Senator Burr has been branded as “someone who values campaign donations more than the nation’s fiscal stability.”  Then, you’re directed to submit a cookie cutter editorial to a number of newspapers with a convenient web app.

At least this time, OfA’s chief lackeys don’t appear to be encouraging nationwide plagiarism as they did in their previous spam campaign.  But the relentless pounding of the administration’s agenda is a lesson straight from Obama’s former career as a community agitator.  We’ve seen this tactic paralleled in the Senate.  After failing to achieve cloture on the Senate’s financial takeover bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid essentially declared that the Senate would remain in session and continue voting until he got his way.  Obama and his minions just keep relentlessly pounding the message, wearing down the will of the country.

Also notable about OfA Spam campaign is it’s entirely negative attitude.  The Democrats are running a whopping six candidates against Senator Burr in the November Election.  The primary is just a few days away, but rather than trying to generate Democrat votes, OfA is focused on an attack campaign.  Just like Obama, the Democrats continue to offer only blame, never any solutions.  Instead of trying to vote a Democrat in, OfA is focusing all its effort’s of voting a Republican out.  In the end, this is a recipe for failure.  Voter resentment is what got Obama elected in 2008, and two years later we’re saddled with record unemployment, government-owned car companies, and a nationalized Health Care system.

Finally, there’s the talking points themselves:

Never mind that Obama has jetted all around the country on the taxpayer’s dime to support failing democrats.  Never mind that Obama’s recent fundraiser for embattled “Call Me Senator!” Barbara Boxer charged $17,600 per plate—over $35,000 per couple. Never mind that Obama received $1,000,000 from Goldmann Sachs for his Presidential campaign, or that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac saturated Democrat campaign coffers.  Never mind that Democrats have been holding closed meetings since Obama took office.  On top of all that, the most ridiculous charge is that Senator Burr has stood in opposition to the American people.

Democrats lost all credibility on “standing with the American people” when they forced a Health Care bill through Congress that 58% now want to repeal.  When it comes to spending, the Obama administration is a fiscal nightmare.  While most Americans understand our current debt is unsustainable, our President is keeping the pedal to the metal, driving the debt car at over 170 mph down the freeway.  We should elect representatives who will stand with their constituents, but it’s clear from their actions over the past year that electing Democrats will undermine that goal.