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Democrat Deja Vu

After four years of Democrat rule in Congress and nearly two years of the Obama Presidency, the Democrats have announced they’re running against Bush in 2010.  As HotAir.com put it:

With voters screaming at them about unemployment, O-Care, and trillion-dollar deficits, Democratic candidates are going to look them in the eye and tremulously whisper … “Bush”?

Are they really that delusional.  Or more importantly, when does Barack Obama become responsible for his own policy decisions?  Bush didn’t rush through yet another pointless stimulus.  Bush didn’t pass ObamaCare against the will of the American people.  “Bush policies” are not extending the recession.  Our biggest problem at the moment is Obama’s out of control, job killing, unsustainable spending binge.

On the other hand, at least the Democrats realize they can’t defend their record.  Who really wants to be the one to say, “I helped nationalize the Health Care system by passing a bill that 60% of the nation now wants repealed, and I need you to send me back to Congress so I can raise your energy prices and slap on a massive new tax on every purchase you make.  Go Liberalism!”

Unfortunately, Americans have yet to learn that the Democrat party is almost always in this position at election time.  They are hardly ever able to run on their own ideas because reality never matches their Utopian projections.  They are constantly left to rewrite history and seize credit for the accomplishments of their adversaries, and they rely almost exclusively on the politics of division.  Except perhaps in the most liberal regions of the country, Democrats always campaign against someone, and never on the merits of their own ideas.

Perhaps the Democrats are in damage-control mode, and think this is their only hope for mitigating the coming storm.  But if history is any example, the “we’re not Bush” mantra has become counterproductive.  The Democrats have lost several major elections since Obama assumed office.  Most notably, they lost the “Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts and the New Jersey governorship.  In both cases, Obama swooped in to support his party’s candidate and vilify the Bushian opposition.  He’s failed everywhere he’s tried.

If “Not Bush” is the best the Democrats can do in  2010, I’m okay with that.  I’ll put “ObamaCare” against “Not Bush” any day.  Which side do you think voters will choose?