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Yet Another Group Wants to “Crash the Tea Party.”

We’ve had the Coffee Party, a far-left, “grass roots” organization founded by a New York Times contributor and liberal activist who had helped with several Democrat party campaigns.  Now, we are presented with CrashTheTeaParty.org.  The website, registered with fraudulent information, encourages members to attend the Tax Day Tea Parties with misspelled, racist signs, and to make ridiculous comments in TV interviews.

Though it currently looks like most of the message board’s membership is comprised of actual Tea Party protesters trying to get to the bottom of this mess, the site’s actual efficacy is irrelevant to its implications.  We constantly hear that Conservatism is an ideology of obstructionism with no ideas of its own and hell bent on blocking “progress.”  Meanwhile, the left is presented as compassionate, and full of new ideas.  Democrats are always depicted as the party looking for solutions to help “working America.”

CrashTheTeaParty.org unintentionally reveals the truth about the laughable characterization I’ve just presented.  Just two days from now, on April 15, “tax day,” millions of Americans will gather in cities across the United States to defend their ideals.  These are the “Conservatives.”  They’re ready to debate.  They’re informed.  And they will defend their beliefs with statistics, facts, and historical precedent.  They’re mostly competent, loosely affiliated, incredibly passionate, and altogether proud to be Americans.  They’re family-friendly, non-violent, and they pick up their own trash.

On the other side, we have the “crashers.”  These are the “liberals” who will stop at nothing to prevent a group of Americans that represents the majority will of our nation from expressing their views.  They won’t defend their own policies.  Instead they will engage in a lame attempt to provide evidence for media slander.  They’ll give Olbermann the content he needs for his latest “special comment” on “Tea Party Racism,” and then be the only ones to watch him deliver his diatribe on behalf of the all-white MSNBC lineup.

If the Democrat party is the party of ideas, then why can’t they defend any of their policy prescriptions?  Why must they instead attempt to infiltrate and malign an honest group of American citizens?

/***** Update: Site’s True Registrant Uncovered by Freeper *****

A member of the FreeRepublic.com was able to capture the Whois record before it was altered to hide the site owner’s identity.  CrashTheTeaParty.org is run by Jason Levin of Portland, Oregon.  Click Here for the Free Republic posting.