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The GOP Doesn’t Need a “Hypocrites List”

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has apparently assembled a “hypocrites list” challenging the GOP on ethics.  They’ve allegedly got dirt on a whopping 17 House Republicans.  Good for them, but the GOP doesn’t need to worry.  I’ve got an ace in the hole on 219 Liberal Democrats.

Passage of the Senate Bill was the most unethical decision I have witnessed in my entire life.  With the election of Scott Brown, Democrats officially lost the debate on Health Care, and yet they proceeded anyway.  They passed a bill that they didn’t support, because the American people rejected the power-grab they desired.  There is no other way to characterize the vote.

Normally, when the House doesn’t like a bill, they amend it, and send it back to the Senate.  The Senate then either approves the legislation, or sends it back to the House.  This process is supposed to continue until both chambers agree on the proposed law.  Not so with Health Care.  The very act of passing the Senate Bill was a legislative trick in and of itself.

If we had followed the usual course, then a package of “fixes” would not be necessary until long after the legislation was passed.  Can anyone name a time in history when Congress has purposely forced through a bill they believed disastrous?  It has never happened before.  From a Congressional viewpoint, bad legislation has always been an accident, but not anymore.

Passing the Senate Bill revealed the Democrat’s contempt for American citizens.  It was the equivalent of shouting “Screw you, America; we’re in charge.”  There is no possible way Nancy Pelosi can truly believe she was “standing with America.”  54% of Americans opposed the bill the day before it passed; 59% the day after.  Far from “understanding,” now we’re just pissed, and I haven’t even gotten to the Constitutional questions.

Acting in deliberate defiance of the American people, and passing a bad bill because you know you can’t get the power you want through legitimate channels is unethical.  Whatever “dirt” Democrats have on the GOP, it is inconsequential compared to the abuse of power witnessed Sunday night.  So go ahead; make your “hypocrites list.”  I’ve got a list of 219 representatives who never had ethics in the first place.  In November, we’ll see whose charges carry more substance.