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The Democrats are Finished

March 21, 2010 will be remembered as a historic day in American history.  March 21, 2010 will be remembered as the day that Democrats, and Democrats alone, forced a bill opposed by a majority of Americans through Congress, and began the process of seizing control of the American health care system.  It will be the remembered as the date that Democrats secured their status as the minority party in 2010.  It will mark one of the worst decisions in American history.

There isn’t much to say when the so-called representatives of the American people choose to openly defy the citizens they represent.  The Democrats passed the universally opposed Senate bill, a bill that even the Senate could not pass today in order to secure a legislative “victory” over the Republicans.  They have constructed a monument to Obama at the expense of the American people, and we will not forget it.

Unlike other nations, the American government recognizes that the power comes from the sovereign people, not the “sovereign state.”  The government operates with the consent of the people, and they have lost our consent.  Americans are not suddenly going to accept this legislation because a corrupt, Liberal Democrat leadership was able to bribe enough legislators to force it through the House.  Several states have already passed laws nullifying the unconstitutional provisions it contains. More will follow.

Furthermore, I remind you that whatever the Democrats may claim: they have passed the Senate bill, and only the Senate bill.  There have been no amendments.  These Liberal Democrats voted for the “Corn-husker Kickback.” They voted for the “Second Louisiana Purchase.”  They voted for “Gator-Aide” and countless other deals that greased the skids for this “historic” moment.

They may have voted to pass a package of “fixes.”  But not only do their “fixes” not fix anything, it is highly unlikely they will make it through the Senate unscathed.  Even if the reconciliation bill does pass unaltered, the package creates a plethora of new bribes to replace those it removes.  And it only exists because of the incredible public opposition to the bribes we discovered.

Democrats have further continued to violate their own promise of “transparency.”  They have accepted the premise that Washington knows better than the American people on decisions about our own health.  Confident in their majorities, they have revealed their true ideology.  Democrats are the embodiment of the radical left.  There are no moderates in their party, save perhaps the few Democrats who voted against the legislation.

In response to Obama, the American people did not take any part of this.  We wanted nothing to do with this bill.  You’ve gotten your monument, but just because you were able to force this legislation through doesn’t suddenly mean that we support it.  You’ve made a bold statement claiming this legislation will bring down premiums and reduce taxes.  What will you say when that doesn’t happen.  Far from ending partisanship Washington, you have divided our nation.

There is only one benefit to the passage of this legislation.  The complete and total destruction of your party.  This fight is far from over.