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It’s Time for a Vote

For months, we’ve been hearing “the time for talk is over.”  Apparently, “everything there is to say about health care has been said, and just about everyone has said it.”  According to Obama, it’s time for an “up or down vote” on his monument.  For once, I agree with him.  The Liberal Democrats in Congress had a year of total control in which to force this agenda on our nation.  So far, they have failed miserably.  And since the election of Scott Brown, the Senate bill is all they have to work with.  It is the only thing they can pass.  Even if they want to go through the reconciliation charade, the House must first pass the Senate bill.

Pelosi has done enough stalling.  If she has the votes—as she so frequently claims to—then what is she afraid of.  Since the House and Senate must pass identical bills, and since any new bill would be subject to a Republican filibuster, there is no more room for debate.  There is nothing to discuss.  Either the House can pass the Senate bill in all its porkulent glory, or they can’t.  It’s time we settle this once and for all, and be done with it.

The Democrat leadership has been keen to accuse the Republicans of “failing to govern,” but it’s the Democrat party that has ignored almost every major issue, and set aside the business of the country—except for Presidential vacations and White House parties of course—in order to focus all their attention on passing a bad bill to secure a legislative victory.  They don’t care what they pass; they don’t care who has actually read it.  All that matters is securing a partisan “victory” over the GOP.

The GOP isn’t the “obstruction” Democrats wish it were.  It is time for the Republican leadership to step up, and let Pelosi know that we’re ready to make history.  We’ve been standing on the doorstep long enough; it’s time to cross the threshold and prove that even among Democrats there aren’t enough politicians willing to defy the American people.  At this moment, there aren’t enough fringe-Left, Pelosi Democrats willing to sacrifice personal liberty and our outstanding health care system in order to expand the scope of government and seize even more control over our everyday lives.  If I’m wrong, quit stalling and prove it with a roll call.