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Could the Democrats Lose “Obama’s Seat?”

There is no doubt Scott Brown’s “Massachusetts Miracle” dealt a stunning blow to Obama and the Democrat leadership’s far left agenda.  With Roland Burris’ announcement that he will step down at the end of his term–apparently he was only able to raise $20,000 for his re-election election campaign–the GOP has awoken from its coma to campaign against “Chicago Politics” in Illinois.  The Illinois GOP has taken center stage with aggressive campaigns for both the Senate and the Governorship.  Even more astounding, the candidates have a legitimate chance if there’s a less than enthusiastic turnout among mortuary voters.

One would think a President’s political party could hold on to his home state, especially when the opposition hasn’t presented much of a challenge for decades.  Given that Democrats have controlled the Senate seats 82% of the time over the past thirty years, it seems unlikely a GOP candidate could win, but it appears the President’s backing is quickly becoming a political kiss of death.  Given the perfect storm of political misfortune and an energized GOP base, it’s entirely possible Illinois could become a purple or even red state for the remainder of the President’s term.

Despite their outward confidence, the political Left is still reeling from the Massachusetts loss.   If the Daley Machine can’t pull out a victory, and they lose in the President’s backyard, what does that mean for the future of the Obama Agenda?  Congressional Democrats are already suffering from legislative whiplash.  If they slow their “progress” any farther, they might stop moving altogether.  More importantly, if Obama sees his own Senatorial seat handed over to those unruly “obstructionists,” will he finally admit the election is a referendum on his politics?