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Who is Obama Talking To?

The above clip is from the President’s “meeting” with the twelve-member “Middle Class Task Force” headed by Vice President Joe Biden, but you’d be easily forgiven for being unable to deduce the context from the video alone.  Where are the questions?  Where is the free exchange of ideas between the various representatives?  And if the President needs neither, if the President doesn’t even need to attend the meeting to know what to do for our nation, the why not just “get it done?”

This charade was probably intended to show a President hard at work to “fix America” through enthusiastic reading from the gospel of TelePrompter.  Instead it has only further revealed his arrogance and conceit.  For Obama, no audience is too small to appreciate his “mastery of rhetoric.”  Any time or venue is the right time for reading.  Literacy.gov must be proud.

The President didn’t come to this meeting to discuss how to “save middle class families.”  He swooped in after the laborious dialogue was over in order to read a script, film the next episode of his ongoing web series, and provide MSNBC with superficial evidence of an Executive hard at work.  While the President may have gotten plenty of press for his appearance, he didn’t actually add anything to the discussion.  He would have been better served if the committee had sent him a briefing after the event, but he wouldn’t have been able to make a speech.

Of course, I am compelled to admit the preceding analysis is through the lens of efficiency and results, not the lens of liberalism.  If the focus is altered, the unbridled success of this “meeting” becomes immediately apparent.  Obama’s appearance represents the archetype of left-wing politicians.  When judging a liberal, it’s about their expressed intentions, not results.  We’re not supposed to criticize the Obama administration, because–as the video clearly shows–he’s trying so hard to figure out why the middle class is tanking and unemployment skyrocketing despite all those “stimulus jobs” he “created or saved” (On a side note, didn’t the White House say they were dropping that false statistic?).

Perhaps we should cut the President some slack.  Even Alinsky recognized the difference between an organizer and a leader.  In the end, our President is doing what he knows best: agitating, and making demands through a high-tech megaphone.  Solutions aren’t his specialty, or his endgame.  Of course, if the American people commend Obama for his intentions despite his obvious failure to improve our economy, then we as a nation concede to the liberal premise that results are irrelevant.  I would rather have results.