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FreedomWorks’ NC Grass Roots Coordinator to Run for NCGOP Vice Chair

(Emphasis added):

Joyce Krawiec, Grassroots Activism Chair of the NC Federation of Republican Women, announced today that she will seek the position of Vice Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party.

“I have made this decision after much thoughtful and prayerful consideration, as well as encouragement from many friends and colleagues. As our Vice Chair, I would like to reach out to all conservatives across North Carolina and to form a partnership that will make our state Republican Party even stronger.”

Krawiec is the FreedomWorks North Carolina Grass Roots Coordinator. She has traveled the Southeast to speak to conservative groups and lead training seminars. As the group’s membership was nearing 1 million members in 2003, Krawiec was named the FreedomWorks National Activist of the Year.

via NC Republican Woman Joyce Krawiec Announces Run for NC GOP Vice Chair | Rockingham Update – RCENO.com.