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South Carolina AG on Constitutionality of Senate Health Bill

Download available at audio.soderstrome.com

South Carolina Attorney General, Henry McMaster appeared on The Tara Servatius Show (guest host Pete Kaliner) yesterday.  He is leading a group of 13 Attorneys General in challenging the Constitutionality of the Senate Health Care Bill’s “Cornhusker Kickback.”

Senator Ben Nelson called the SC Attorney General after asking SC Sen. Lindsay Graham what he would have to do to “get the dogs called off.” McMaster responded “the way for the thirteen of us to quit challenging that one provision was simply to take that provision out, take the Nebraska exception out” (6:00-6:10). Unfortunately, I don’t think Senator Nelson will actually take him up on that offer.  If he does, he will have sold his vote for nothing, and he’ll be a considered a bad politician even by Sen. Reid’s standards.