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Happy New Year: 2010 Predictions

Happy New Year 2010!  Here are my predictions for the coming year in politics.

  • Al Gore has time for TV, but not for debate.  Lord Monckton keeps asking.  Meanwhile, Phelim McAleer keeps getting thrown out of “climate events.”
  • Further evidence emerges demonstrating Scientific malpractice relating to global warming (e.g. the “Climategate” emails).  Perhaps this coincides with Breitbart’s launch of BigEnvironment website.
  • Congress forces health care legislation through despite massive public opposition. (?)  Obama touts health legislation as a major success in State of the Union Address.  Liberal arrogance fuels Tea Party discontent. (?)
  • Several States file lawsuits challenging health bill’s constitutionality. (?)  Democrats claim this is being perpetrated by racists as a last effort to “take away one of Obama’s achievments.”
  • At least five more Democratic candidates or incumbents drop out of campaigns or “choose to retire.”
  • Democrats net largest loss of Congressional seats in U.S. history in 2010 elections.
  • The economy may grow slightly, but fails any major recovery. Democrats demand more “targeted” stimulus.
  • ACORN gets government funding either directly or indirectly. Breitbart releases more videos and/or documents detailing the organization’s corruption to coincide with 2010 campaign season.  “Mainstream” media outlets accuse Breitbart of bad journalism, lack of ethics.
  • CNN continues hemorrhaging viewers. The same goes for NY Times circulation.
  • Obama, Democrats continue to blame Bush, accuse Republicans of being “obstructionist.”
  • Janet Napolitano makes another “system worked” blunder. Incompetano nickname sticks.
  • At least one state changes laws to mandate legal concealed carry at public colleges (e.g. Utah’s laws).