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ObamaCare is UnAmerican

Though Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele took the obligatory bashing from MSNBC and other White House outlets, his claim that Congressional Democrats are essentially “flipping a bird to the American people” was spot on.  Nothing could be more clear than our nation’s opinion on this bill.  While the liberal minority has always fantasized about a Socialist, Single-Payer, Government run system that favors the political class while rationing citizens’ care, most Americans want less government, not more.  Polling data consistently shows over 50% opposition to this monstrous bill and crumbling support in the 30’s.  Despite all of this data, despite all of the protests, Harry Reid and the liberal leadership are willing to fulfill the fantasy of the Democratic National Committee and build a monument to Obama instead of responding to the resounding will of the American people.

There is no doubt this legislation is bad for America, but it is apparently more important that Obama have something, anything he can tout as a “success” during his State of the Union speech than to provide the American people with any real solutions to the problems with our current system.  The Democrats have cut the GOP out of the process at every opportunity, and yet they decry the lack of a Republican vote.  The solidarity of the GOP is the only redeeming quality of the corrupt process that has purchased the 60 votes by exempting senators’ home states from the very law they are passing.  If this legislation were truly so “historic” then why does Harry Reid have to bribe senators with hundreds of millions of dollars of our money to pass it?  If the the Democrats are on the “right side of history,” then why has this bill advanced behind closed doors and in the dead of night?  If the system they’ve designed is such an improvement, then why isn’t it implemented until after the 2012 elections?

The truth is this bill takes our constitution, runs it through and industrial paper shredder, burns the resulting confetti, and spreads the ashes into the wind so they may never be reconstituted.  Under the guise of “increasing competition,” it will wipe out the private sector and force everyone into a one-size-fits-all government plan while the Congressmen retain their cushy Congressional plan at our expense.  They refuse to give up their health care plan, but they will eventually force American citizens to buy what the government thinks is best for them.  As Reagan said in 1964, the true question is “whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.”

I have little doubt this bill will pass the Senate.  The Democrats have shown they could care less what is actually in the legislation as long as they can pass their “signature agenda item.”  They don’t care what the American people think. We are merely an inconvenience in their quest for power.  Our only hope is that a Republican majority after the 2010 elections will have the guts to repeal this disastrous program before it is too late, and stand up to the narcissistic brat currently running our nation.