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Only One Las Vegas Barnes and Noble Won’t Stock “Hands Off My Gun”

—— Update: Jan 19, 2015 ——

I was not able to speak with a manager at the Barnes and Noble Northwest location. An associate at the store stated the store wouldn’t be restocking Hands Off My Gun “unless they order it.” The associate further noted the book was available at other Barnes and Noble locations. This implies the decision not to carry the book was made by the local store’s management, though I was unable to confirm whether or not the store had specifically told the publisher they would not be carrying it or their reasons for that decision. That said, all information I have been able to gather at this point is consistent with Dana Loesch’s account of what she was told by her publisher.


As of publication, two of the three Barnes and Noble locations in Las Vegas, Nevada have copies of Dana Loesch’s Hands Off My Gun in stock and available for purchase. The third shows the book as “out of stock” and is presumably the location which informed the nationally syndicated radio host’s publisher they wouldn’t be stocking her book because they “wanted to remain neutral on this hot button issue.” The location was closed at publication; I will update this post if I am able to reach the store manager for comment.

If you’re attending SHOT Show and you’d like to pick up a copy of Dana’s book, you can do so at the Henderson or Summerlin locations.

If you’d like to contact the Northwest location and find out when they’ll be re-stocking Hands Off My Gun, or why they aren’t carrying a pro-Second Amendment book even as built in customer base of firearms retailers, second amendment activists, and firearms aficionados are headed to their backyard, you can reach them at the phone number and address below.

Barnes and Noble Booksellers Northwest
Rainbow Promenade
2191 N Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89108
(702) 631-1775