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Kay Hagan Voted to Block Resolution that Would Have Allowed Americans to Keep Existing Insurance

Not only did Senator Kay Hagan, who was swept into office on Obama’s 2008 coattails, falsely claim at least 24 times that Americans would be able to keep their existing insurance after Obamacare was rammed through, but she also voted against a 2010 proposal that would have protected those plans now being cancelled.

In other words, given the choice between keeping her promise to North Carolinians or rejecting that promise and ensuring the inevitable cancellation of more than 164,000 policies due to Obamacare regulations, Kay Hagan decided to sacrifice those insurance policies on the altar of partisan politics and loyalty to Obama. When push came to shove, Kay Hagan chose Barack Obama’s far-left agenda over protecting North Carolinians from the fallout of the Democrats’ health insurance takeover.

Via CNN’s Political Ticker blog:

Senate Democrats voted unanimously three years ago to support the Obamacare rule that is largely responsible for some of the health insurance cancellation letters that are going out.

In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the grandfather rule, warning that it would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it.


On a party line vote, Democrats killed the resolution, which could come back to haunt vulnerable Democrats up for re-election this year.

So, as Senator Hagan launches her phony probe into the Obamacare roll-out and subsequent insurance policy cancellations, just remember that her vote pushed the bill through the Senate and her vote blocked a measure that would have protected the cancelled policies she now pretends to care about.

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  • Kay Hagen wants there to be one supplier of medical treatment. She wants it to be the Federal Government. Kay Hagen has demonstrated she is a socialist and a supporter of the communist movement in this country. She has to be replaced.

  • Not only is Sen. Hagan a liar but she, along with others in Democrat Party and the RINO/GOP leadership/followers in the soon to be defunct Republican Party in the House and Senate refuse to hold hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood in America and the plan they wrote to destroy us. She is the chair of the Senate Armed Service Committee, Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. She has the responsibility as the chair to oversee: Policies and programs to counter emerging threats including the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and illegal drugs; homeland defense; technology base programs; special operations programs; and emerging operational concepts.
    We must ask all of our politicians this question, starting your mayor, city/town council, county supervisors, state and national House and Senate members. “Is the Muslim Brotherhood in America (MB)(Ikhwan) our friend or foe? Please provide me with links to the source material that provides you with your view(s).” Our roadblock is mainly at the federal level and neither the DEMONcrat Party nor the RINO/GOP leadership/followers in the soon to be defunct Republican Party will allow the House or Senate to hold hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood and the plan they wrote to destroy us. You can buy a copy of their plan at Amazon for only $5.00 An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America or, you can read an online copy here at The Oak Initiative website: http://www.theoakinitiative.org/pdfs/teamb/15-Shariah-The-Threat-to-America-Team-B-Report-Web-285-308.pdf
    Go to the Center for Security Policy and read the material on An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2013/05/25/an-explanatory-memorandum-from-the-archives-of-the-muslim-brotherhood-in-america