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Watch: Obamacare Navigators Caught On Tape Encouraging Fraud [video]

Via Twitchy.com:

Not only have so-called “Obamacare navigators” not been properly vetted by Enroll America, but they are actively encouraging consumers to lie to the IRS in order to get more money in Obamacare subsidies and in fact themselves are admitting to defrauding the government. And what makes this even worse is that Enroll America, ostensibly a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, seems to be sharing information with Battleground Texas, which is described by its regional field director as “a grassroots organization dedicated to turning Texas blue.”

As with the ACORN videos that put O’Keefe in the spotlight, this is just the first in a series of videos to be released. O’Keefe has already stated there is plenty more to come: