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Colorado’s House Democrats Ignore Reality, Ram Through Gunophobic Bill Stripping Students of Right to Self-Defense

colorado-chicagos-tweetBy a vote of 34-31, against bipartisan opposition, Colorado Democrats voted to strip students of their right to self-defense on campus. In the name of “campus safety” Colorado’s House Democrats voted to strip students of their second amendment. Meanwhile, they remain protected by armed security and strict security protocols. If “gun free” zones are so effective, why is the Colorado equivalent of the TSA waiting at the door to search every citizen who enters the premises?

For the past decade, concealed carry has been legal on college campuses in Colorado. A Supreme Court decision last year eliminated all remaining illegal campus gun bans at public colleges. Despite cries that there would be blood in the streets, crime rates plummeted across the board after the policy was introduced at Colorado State University.  Non-forcible sex offenses vanished.


Instead of respecting a decade-old policy success, Colorado’s House Democrats have voted to turn each of the state’s colleges into a tiny Chicago. I’ll leave it to them to explain why they would want to emulate the failed policies of a city that endured 500 murders last year alone.