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For Pelosi, Left Incapable of Wrong.

pelosi_01Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats have been quick to condemn Tea Party Protestors as violent racists[1. Breitbart “Have You Heard Ken Gladney’s Story?” Real Clear Politics http://bit.ly/8JpZ6], and have dismissed the legitimacy of the movement[2. http://thinkprogress.org/2009/04/15/pelosi-astroturf/] even though the facts do not support such claims.  In fact, what little violence has occurred has been at the hands of liberal “counter-protestors.” Instances of violence against Tea Party participants includes the Kenneth Gladney Beating perpetrated by two SEIU employees[3. Breitbart “Have You Heard Ken Gladney’s Story?” Real Clear Politics http://bit.ly/8JpZ6] and an incident in which a moveon.org counter-protestor bit off the finger of a Tea Party participant[4. “Man’s Finger Bitten off in Scuffle at Health Care Protest” KTLA News. http://bit.ly/FVuQl].  The Tea Party protestors themselves have left the cities cleaner, obtained all necessary permits, and been willing to work with the police who have yet to need riot gear at one of these “violent” events.

If liberals like Pelosi can call that violent racism, then what words can possibly describe the G20 protests in Pittsburg?  Video from the protest shows participants smashing storefront windows and rolling commercial dumpsters into police lines like battering rams on wheels.  Unlike the Tea Party protestors, these anti-capitalist radicals destroy the city around them and intentionally neglected to inform the city of several of their rallies.  If that weren’t enough, two of the participants who were interviewed by Fox News showed no signs of remorse for the destruction caused by their peers.  Although the two women were not directly involved in the vandalism, they defended it saying it was necessary to garner “media attention” and “get their voices heard.”

So, what has Pelosi had to say about these events?  Did she call them racists, or shed feigned tears while discussing their violent rhetoric?  Did she call their events “astroturf?”  Apparently she must be oblivious to the entire series of events, because she still hasn’t made a statement.  It’s amazing that after making baseless claims about the motives of a genuine political movement, Pelosi doesn’t have the character to condemn true violence.  Because the crimes were committed by left-wing radicals, she must act as though it did not occur.  She ignores the flagrant, and intentional violation of the law by lunatics who refused to apply for a permit because that would have meant their actions were “state-sanctioned”[5. “Protest Watch at the G-20” MSNBC First Read.  http://bit.ly/3IqVm].  These people had only one goal: to be disruptive by any means necessary, and yet to Pelosi, they are free of guilt.

Similar hypocrisy in Pelosi’s judgment of House protocol.  Rep Alan Grayson recently made the ridiculous claim that Republicans wanted people to “die quickly” if they became sick, a slanderous comment without even the specter of truth.  Rep. Grayson has refused to apologize for the comment, and though she was quick to call for censure of Rep. Joe Wilson–even though his claim was later affirmed–she has defended Grayson[6. Glenn Thrush.  “Pelosi: No Grayson Apology Necessary.” Politico.  http://bit.ly/KsWGj].  If she weren’t delusional enough already, she had the audacity to claim Republicans were holding Congressional Democrats to “a higher level than they are holding their own members”[7. Ibid].  If Pelosi is so out-of-touch with reality and the actions of her own party, then is she truly fit to serve as Speaker of the House, third in line to the President?