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NewsBrief Episode 8: Domains 101

Representative Akin won’t leave Senate race. Peter Crowley wants to sell RomneyRyan.com. Illinois Republicans call for federal investigation into SEIU donations. Gawkers attacks Romney for acting like Gawker. Armstrong won’t continue fighting USADA doping allegations. Anti-Obama documentary leads ticket sales at Fandango.com

Today’s Links:

Anybody can buy a domain
Young entrepeneur owns RomneyRyan.com
Owner of RomneyRyan.com Wants Stephen Colbert to Buy the Site From Him
SEIU Sends Second $100k Donation After IL House Speaker Scuttles Pension Reform
Gawker busts Romney for managing money like Gawker
Gawker and Bain and the Caymans
Lance Armstrong’s Statement on USADA Investigation
2016: Obama’s America Leads Ticket Sales at Fandango.com