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Piers Morgan Gets it Wrong on Guns .. Again

I talked about the above clip in the most recent NewsBrief episode. As I pointed out there, in the years after the ban, gun crime increased. To non-liberals, the explanation is simple: law abiding citizens obey the laws and turn in their weapons. Meanwhile, criminals keep their weapons.

But the more important error in this clip is Piers Morgans’ deliberate bait and switch. Like so many in the anti-gun crowd, he deliberately ignores the statistics for violent crime and focuses exclusively on gun crime. But just because someone is killed with a knife, or a baseball bat, or some other weapon, doesn’t make them any less dead.

The simple fact is: The UK, despite is gun ban, is the “violent crime capital of Europe.” The violent crime rate in the GunFree™ United Kingdom is higher than in the US, and it’s not even a close match. The rate in the US according to the UK Telegraph is 466 crimes per 100,000 residents. The UK’s rate is more than 4x that amount at 2,046 per 100,000. No amount of hot air from Piers Morgan can change that fact.