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Why Meghan McCain Won’t Just Become a Democrat

In response to Meghan McCain’s latest MSNBC rant (video below), Kevin Eder posted the following to Twitter:

I would take it a step further: besides going on MSNBC to smear Conservatives, what has Meghan McCain done?  Not much. I’m sure she’s been involved in other causes, but whenever the self-proclaimed queen of the moderates makes news, it’s because she’s filling the role of “person with an ‘R’ after their name who reliably bashes conservatives.”

That’s her schtick; it’s all she has, and it’s why I don’t expect her to switch parties anytime soon. If she did, MSNBC would no longer have a use for her. They have plenty of other far more prominent liberals who can bash conservatives.

That’s the deal: In exchange for being the Republican who bashes Conservatives, McCain gets immunity from the left-wing media machine. Why else would Media Matters constantly leap to her defense?