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Biden Eulogizes Soon-To-Be-Former Senator Lugar

From the official Vice President Twitter Account

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/vp/status/200040698236510211] [tweet https://twitter.com/#!/vp/status/200048870317760512]

And of course, Biden couldn’t help but retweet his own status on the campaign account:

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/joebiden/status/200068107685994496]

Of course, this reaction means two things: first and foremost, Indiana voters made the right decision.  Secondly, they probably don’t believe Rep. Joe Donnelly, the Democrat in the race, has a significantly better chance against Mourdock than they would have been against Lugar. Sure, that may be the spin, but If they actually believed it, they would be celebrating.  Instead, Biden and others are mourning the loss of an unprincipled squish who was willing to “cross the aisle” to give Democrats what they wanted.

Here’s a few more tweets to illustrate that point:

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/PeggyBrava/status/200054229489041408] [tweet https://twitter.com/#!/Paidsubscriber/status/200043778126528513] [tweet https://twitter.com/#!/pinkbunny70/status/200045395613716482]

The last one comes from a user whose profile description reads: “I love Pres.Obama, politics & economics! I have a grad degree in Statistics. All RWNJs & Paulites will be blocked for their ignorance & stupidity!”  I’m sure she has the best interests of the Republican Party at heart (FYI: RWNJs stands for Right Wing Nut Jobs, aka Conservatives in case you were unaware).

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