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Incarcerated Felon Takes 40% of Vote in WV Primary Race Against Obama

Embarrassing, that’s the only way to describe this for the Obama campaign.  To add insult to injury, local democrats are running as fast as they can away from the president, and stating they will not vote for him in November.  Personally, I hope Obama has planned campaign stops in the state.  It would be “Wild and Wonderful,” to see the Manchin and Tomblin scramble to schedule last minute, out-of-state business appointments.

Via The Hill:

A felon incarcerated in Texas took one in three votes away from President Obama in West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday. ….

By locking up more than 15 percent, Judd may be entitled to at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention in September.

… Obama’s low performance in the primary underscored the extend to which voters in conservative-leaning states such as West Virginia have soured on Obama.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who won the nomination Tuesday for his first full term in the Senate, has said he may not vote for Obama in November, and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D-W.Va.) has made similar comments.

Of course, it couldn’t actually be because these people aren’t satisfied with Obama and Judd was the only other name on the ballot.  Nope, David Weigel of MSNBC is here to make sure we all know it’s because those West Virginia hicks are all a bunch of racists.

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/daveweigel/status/200050905175965696]

On the contrary, if Weigel could get his head out of his backside, he’d realize West Virginia’s economy is dependent on coal production, and Obama has been waging an all out war on the coal industry.  If Obama kills coal, West Virginia’s economy will shut down.  Combine that with the knowledge that West Virginia’s ballot did not include a “no preference” option, and you quickly realize the only option for casting a protest vote was to vote for Judd.  The 40% of the vote that went to Judd was not a vote for the felon, but a vote against Obama’s war on West Virginia’s economy.


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  • Absolutely right! Obama seems nice enough for a dinner party at your house but completely unqualified as a President. EVERY problem has the SAME solution more help, money and involvement from Washington, DC when economic report after economic report confirms that this solution is NOT working. Might want to try something different if success is truly your goal.