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Music Video: Michael Moore Covers Bob Dylan’s “Times are A-Changin” for Occupy

From it’s early days, Michael Moore has embraced the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  And because Moore is about as far left as you can get, the Occupiers were able to look past his position in the upper echelons of the one percent and accept him as one of their own.  The fruits of this relationship came in the form of Michael Moore covering Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin” as one of the 99 songs included in Occupy This Album. (Yes, Occupy really made an album).  After hearing Moore warble, I knew I had to help them produce the music video:

—- UPDATE —-

Via the Media Research Center, here’s video of Michael Moore ignoring questions about his wealth at an Occupy rally in Portland. Demonstrating that the event is not actually about money, the Occupy crowd turns on the reporter demanding to know “who’s paying you” rather than addressing a legitimate critique. Michael Moore is not only in the one percent, he’s in the upper portion of it.

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