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Chris Matthews Hallucinates on NBC

The following video was posted at Breitbart TV. In it, Chris Matthews speculates that Obama’s poll numbers are a racist code and that the only reason white’s don’t want him reelected is because he’s black.

I have a much simpler explanation: the numbers are a near exact match for the Conservative / Liberal split in the United States as measured by Gallup. It makes perfect sense that the 40 percent of Americans who identify as Conservative would be pessimistic if Obama were reelected. It makes perfect sense that the 20 percent who identify as liberal would be mortified if Romney beat Obama in the election.

It’s telling that the numbers don’t change much on the second question. Conservatives are much more likely to view confiscatory taxation and redistribution as morally offensive; we believe you should be able to keep what you earn. Add in Obama’s tenure in the Church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his consistent support for “partial birth abortion” and you’ve probably explained the slight jump in Romney’s numbers.

For liberals, the ends justify the means. It’s not surprising, therefore, that despite all of Obama’s apparent flaws, this 20 percent minority will continue to support him through thick and thin because he is a consistent advocate for the advancement of the state above the individual.

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