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Voter Fraud: It’s Easier than You Think

James O’Keefe is at it again; his Project Veritas has just released a new video showing just how easy it is to cast a fraudulent ballot in New Hampshire.

Dead men tell no tales, but as Project Veritas found in New Hampshire, they can still vote.

On New Hampshire Primary Day, Project Veritas sent a team of investigators into polling places with a list of deceased voters to see if they would be permitted to vote.

We tested more than a dozen polling places, simply walking up and stating the name of the deceased, and in all but one instance — where an alert poll worker actually knew the recently deceased — we were handed ballots.

While our investigators cast no votes and returned the ballots, there was nothing stopping our team, or anyone else, from illegally influencing the outcome of a presidential primary.

Sadly, with our current Democrat Governor Perdue’s veto of the North Carolina Voter ID bill, it’s possible our elections could be just as easily corrupted.

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