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Huckabee Won’t Run for President

Count me among those who are glad Huckabee won’t run.  As I wrote last July:

Huckabee is a committed social conservative. From what I have seen, he is devoutly religious, and often shares his views about faith. Huckabee seems like a nice guy, a good neighbor. But America is not craving a social conservative. We don’t need a “feel-good,” “compassionate,” president, we need someone willing to take radical liberals like Pelosi head-on. We need a fiscal conservative willing to slash the runaway entitlement spending built up by Congressional Democrats. Huckabee may be the most moral presidential candidate in recent history, but I struggle to imagine him rolling back liberal regression.

My sentiments toward him haven’t changed much over the last year, so it’s great news to learn he likes having a show on FOX News.   If only Newt Gingrich had a TV show ….

Here is the video of Huckabee’s announcement:

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