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CNN Host in Hysterics Over Potential for “Unfair Redistricting”

“You don’t think it [redistricting] needs reforming?,” whines Jessica Yellin, desperate for Kucinich to join her in bashing the Ohio redistricting process now that it’s controlled by Republicans.  “Are districts drawn fairly, or based on politics.”  Of course they’re based on politics, and that’s as fair as it can be.  No matter what, each side is going to try to get the best deal for their team.  When Democrats control the process, they frequently draw as many Republican incumbents as possible into a single district, thus assuring their continuing dominance in the state.  Republicans aren’t even going that far.  They lost two districts in the census.  They have to eliminate two districts.  They’re not going to eliminate their own party’s districts and leave the state’s Democrats unscathed. They shouldn’t be expected to.

Although he goes right back to spewing leftist drivel after correctly noting our tax system is unfair—but not for the right reasons—Kucinich makes some respectable, and perhaps even admirable, comments about redistricting.  “In Ohio, since the Republicans have the pen … they will do what’s best for the party.  If the Democrats had the pen, it would have been to advantage Democrats. …. The fact of the matter is, that it is a political decision, and I can live with the fact that it’s a political decision ….”  In other words, Ohio voters threw out the Democrats and now Kucinich is going to lose his district.  Rather than join CNN and whine about the process (which no one would be talking about if Democrats controlled the state government and were poised to wipe out the GOP) he’s going to prepare and try to win his reelection bid anyway.  Good for him; although, I hope he loses.

As to Yellin’s concern that Republicans control the entire process in half of the states that face redistricting.  First, all states face redistricting.  Second, it’s also true that Republicans don’t control the process in half of the states.  Third, maybe the Democrats should have thought about the consequences before they openly defied the will of the American people.  In the words of Obama, “elections have consequences.”  The Republicans won, and hopefully they’ll redistrict like Democrats.

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