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Video: Liberal Caller Accuses Rush Limbaugh Guest Host of Opposing Obama’s Agenda

Alternate Headline: No shit, Sherlock.

First, the audio from the tail end of Tuesday’s Rush Limbaugh Show.  Mark Belling was filling in as a guest host, and after doing his best to attain victim status, the caller accused talk radio hosts of generally opposing the Obama agenda.  For Mark’s response, skip to 1:35.


MARK:  To San Antonio, Texas, and Chance; Chance, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program with Mark Belling.

CALLER:  Yes, nice to talk to you, Mark Villain.  I’d like to talk …

MARK: Belling, Belling.

CALLER: Excuse me?

MARK: Belling


CALLER: Okay, hello, am I on?

MARK: Yes.

CALLER: Okay, .. uh .. you know it’s a daily thing with you guys on these shows, daily.

MARK: That what I’m doing.

CALLER: This is a campaign that you’re waging against this administration, and everybody knows it.  We all know it ..

MARK:  So do I.  Who’s denying that?

CALLER: .. except the people that are actually fooled by it.

MARK:  Who’s denying that?  We don’t .. we don’t support what he’s doing.

CALLER: (shouting) Look, I’m the caller.  I will get my turn.

MARK: It is very hard for me to imagine why the callers had a problem with this caller. I can’t imagine how a nice guy like Chance would have given you any trouble.  By the way, you accused us of having a campaign against what the President is trying to accomplish.  No kidding, we don’t support what he’s trying to do.


Belling goes on to make some interesting commentary about the caller’s unintentional point: namely, that anything less than a November blowout will be perceived as a victory for Obama, and a referendum for his version of “change.”  Even if the Republicans do manage to take back the House and Senate, they’re still not going to accomplish much over the next two years, as Obama will wield the veto pen and use it to protect his agenda.

At the same time, we can’t afford to continue sending weak “Conservatives” like McCain—who unfortunately was able to win the Arizona primary–to Washington.  As Belling notes, one of the major reasons we were put in a position where Obama could win a presidential elections was Conservative anger at government expansion under Bush.  In 2008, Conservatives weren’t willing to vote for another big government, big spending, beltway “Republican.”