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Repudiating ObamaCare

After succeeding in defying the will of the American people, and passing an unconstitutional health care takeover, Obama challenged Republicans seeking repeal to “go for it:”

Well, Mr. President, it looks like quite a few in the House are ready to “have that fight.”  Congressman Steve King from Iowa, the same state in which Obama made the above remarks, is pulling out all the stops with a plan that could potentially put repeal on the table and force another vote before November’s midterm elections.  With a majority of Americans still supporting a full repeal months after the bills passage and Congressional reelection campaigns underway, how many vulnerable Democrat politicians would be willing to cast another “aye” vote?

As of yesterday evening, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) had obtained 130 signatures in support of a discharge petition.  If he is able to reach 218 signatures, then the House would be forced to allow a vote.  While discharge petitions are rarely successful, this legislation could present the perfect storm.  If everyone who voted against the bill signed the petition, it would have 212 signatures.

King only needs to win over 6 members of the opposition.  For those six members, this could be the vote that keeps them in office.  Gibbs himself has finally confessed that the Republican Party could take back the House this fall.  Except for the most liberal districts in the nation, “Standing with Obama” is not a great campaign strategy.  Repealing ObamaCare provides a substantive way for Democrats who voted against the American people to demonstrate that they’ve “seen the light.”

Will King’s effort succeed?  I don’t know.  Discharge petitions are rare.  Successful discharge petitions are even rarer.  And it’s not like Obama is going to refrain from using the veto pen to protect his signature government takeover.  But either way, the effort will keep the Health Care debate in the national consciousness.  It will force Democrats to defend their votes, and that is definitely good for our republic.


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  • thanks for your work in these important issues. keep up all the valued things you do.

  • thanks for your work in these important issues. keep up all the valued things you do.

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    Think Traders Posts has made a hugh success.
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