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On Alvin Greene, the Democrat Party Nightmare

Alvin Greene is the Democrat Party candidate for the United States Senate in South Carolina. If he gets his way, he will challenge incumbent Senator Jim DeMint this fall.  First, this is the most amusing and bizarre story I’ve ever seen in politics.  Alvin Greene is an unemployed veteran who “was kicked out of the Army last year and is facing a pending felony charge.”  By all accounts, the state-level Democrat party was blindsided by the result.  Or, as Salon.com put it:

What does a party do when some random schmuck wins its primary? This is what South Carolina Democrats are now trying to figure out.

With that said, some questions, advice, and other commentary.

First, to Keith Olbermann and Rep. Jim Clyburn (Majority Whip, D-SC): no, he’s not a plant.  I’m not sure where he got the money for the filing fee.  I’m not sure why he got the sudden impulse to run for elected office, but the Republicans had no motive.  Liberal Pollsters at PPP (Public Policy Polling) found DeMint held a 19 point lead over Vic Rawl.  In a year that’s likely to be good for Republicans, it doesn’t make any sense to risk a conspiratorial debacle.  Further, as PPP noted in their blog:

“… Rawl had only 4% favorable name recognition with Democrats in the state. We could make up just about any name and ask their favorability on a poll and get 4% so that more or less amounts to zero name recognition.

…. I don’t put much stock in the theory that there was a plot among Republican voters … it would have been almost impossible for any sort of campaign activity to go completely undetected. At the end of the day this is just what happens in a race where neither candidate runs much of a campaign ….”

To Greene, keep granting interviews.  Every time Alvin Greene gives an interview the Democrat party dies a little. Green is the most incoherent speaker I’ve heard in a long time.  I’m not sure he ever knows exactly what he’s talking about.  He appeared on Charlotte’s news/talk 1110 WBT twice yesterday, and after much rambling, the second host finally asked if he had been drinking.  Subsequent callers shared her sentiments.  On the Mark Levin show, Greene was unable to immediately name his general election opponent.  Although he’s able to spout out some limited talking points, he has no specific plans on any issue.

To Vic Rawl, your loss should remove any doubt that an election can be won without a campaign.  As to your future political career, good luck.  You will always be the man who lost to Alvin Greene.  While I would never expect it to come up in a campaign, the memory will always be there in the back of the voters mind.  I can understand why you’re challenging the results and encourage you to continue your struggle.  Greene is enough on his own, but your actions are helping keep the spectacle in the national spotlight.

And finally, to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP.  Where are the professional race-hustlers?  Greene “is now the first African American major-party U.S. Senate nominee in South Carolina since Reconstruction” and they can’t find five seconds to put a few words in?  Green is being unilaterally bashed as an illegitimate candidate by his own party.  Isn’t this the kind of controversy you’re constantly searching for?  Apparently not, the NAACP too busy fighting Hallmark’s “controversial” graduation card.  Video below:

It must be disappointing to Greene to be considered less important to “leaders in the black community” than fictitious controversies.