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Primary Roundup (AR, KY, OR, & PA)

Arkansas – Senate

Incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln failed to win a majority of the Democrat vote, and now faces a June 8 runoff election.  According to Reuters, the primary results have cost her significant momentum for the financial reform plan she had been pushing in the Senate.

Republican John Boozman secured 53% of the GOP vote, a slim majority, but his nearest competitor took only 17%.  Since he has avoided a runoff, Boozman can focus on the general election during Lincoln’s primary fight.  If Boozman wins in November, he will be the first Republican to hold the seat in 131 years.

Kentucky – Senate

Rand Paul crushed Trey Grayson in the GOP primary capturing nearly 60% of the vote.  Paul was the Tea Party favorite, and also secured early support from Gov. Sarah Palin.  Grayson represented the GOP establishment, and was supported by Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell, among others.

Democrat Jack Conway edged out Daniel Mongiardo by fractions of a percent.  Given that Conway trails Paul by a mere 4.3% in the RCP average, expect a fierce campaign leading up to November.

Oregon – Senate

Incumbent Democrat, Senator Ron Wyden, secured his party’s nomination and will seek a third term.  His opponent, Republican nominee Jim Huffman, faces an uphill battle as Wyden has accrued $3,700,000 in campaign cash to Huffman’s $344,000.

Pennsylvania – Senate

With 54% of the vote, Rep. Joe Sestak defeated turncoat Arlen Specter in the Democrat primary.  Given that this was a Democrat party primary race, it is possible that an appearance from President Obama could have saved Specter’s campaign.  Specter’s loss should be a lesson to other members of the GOP.  Just because the other side says they’ll take you in if you abandon your principles doesn’t mean they’ll support you in an election.

Republican Pat Toomey secured the GOP nomination with 81.5% of the vote.

Pennsylvania – House – PA-12 Special Election (Murtha Seat)

Democrat Mark Critz, an aide of Murtha’s, defeated his opponent, Republican Tim Burns, to secure his former employer’s House seat with 53.3% of the vote.  However, Critz ran against Democrats in Washington claiming he would have opposed the Health Care bill.  As the uber-liberal DailyKos Founder put it: “Democrat Mark Critz is an a–hole Dem, and will be among the worst of the Blue Dogs.”  He has six months in office to prove he can maintain the values he campaigned on.  Otherwise, I doubt he will be able to repeat his success in November.