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Is the GOP Prepared to Handle the Nuclear Option?

A lot of focus has been placed on whether or not the Liberal Democrats will follow through with the “Nuclear Option.”  Will they really have the gall to force through their longtime dream of socialized medicine?  Does it really matter?

At this point, it’s out of our hands.  Although concerned citizens should still voice their opinion, Congress has made up its mind.  I’m not sure whether or not Pelosi has the votes to pass the Senate bill.  And while I surely hope she does not as it would spell the destruction of the greatest Health Care system in the world—how often do you see American Presidents flying to Canada for heart surgery?—there are now very few legislators who have yet to decide whether they are beholden to the people, or to the Liberal party leadership.  The more pertinent question is whether or not the GOP has a plan if Pelosi does manage to force “the dog food” down our national throat.

If this bill passes, the key to its repeal will be swift action.  If the Democrats force this bill through, they will lose big in November.  Then, the GOP will have only four years before the so-called benefits spring into action.  If they can’t stop this new entitlement before it is established in the very fabric of society, then it will be nearly impossible to repeal.  Three of those years will be under Obama.  Even if he were removed from office, the line of succession would provide an equally liberal Commander-in-Chief.  Though the next Congress may have the votes for a repeal, Obama would never allow Congress to steal away his monument.

If the Democrats go Nuclear and succeed, there will be a single, one year window during which the GOP can save the American medical system.  There will be one opportunity to pull our nation back from the brink of Western European Socialism.  Now is the time when the Republican Party needs decisive, Conservative leaders, not “squishy moderates.”  The era of McCain is over.  In 2010, and 2012, we will need leaders who aren’t afraid to criticize the failings of Liberalism.  We will need leaders who aren’t afraid to point out that Stimulus I, and Stimulus II were complete failures.  We will need leaders who are willing to acknowledge that ObamaCare, if passed, will succeed only in increasing costs, limiting access, and ensuring Health Care equality by reducing standards to the lowest common denominator.  We will need Republican leaders who acknowledge that Government is the problem, not the solution to our problems.

Can we find them?