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GOP Should Adopt “Show Us The Jobs” Mantra

Despite the media spin, the United States economy continued its decline and shed an additional 85,000 jobs in December 2009.  Lest the American people get sidetracked by the administration’s lines that “it’s getting worse slower,” Obama promised his “stimulus” efforts would create 3.5 million jobs by 2010.

The Heritage Foundation published an article about the Obama administration’s “jobs deficit” last week.  By their calculations using data from the Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Obama needs to create a minimum of 7,700,000 jobs over the next 11.5 months–a number that has never been achieved.  Just to get back to what he “inherited,” Obama would need to create a near-historic 4,200,000 jobs.

In true Alinsky-style, Congressional Republicans should adopt the AFL-CIO’s 2004 “show us the jobs” mantra.  Incumbent Republicans, and 2010 Congressional candidates should continue to remind voters of this campaign promise, especially since the culminating failure of this will coincide almost perfectly with the 2010 elections.  Even if the economy manages to improve slightly despite the Democrats’ roadblocks, there is almost no chance it will be restored to pre-Obama levels and employment certainly won’t reach the President’s December 2010 projections, and if his predecessor, George W. Bush, is still acting “blame Czar” after two years, that’s a point Republicans won’t need to make themselves.

Pushing jobs over the coming campaign season will be an excellent complement to the current Health Care debacle.  If the Republicans are willing to begin directly criticizing the liberal policies currently being rammed through Congress, the combination could be a recipe for a Conservative “mandate for change” in 2010 and self-evident rebuke of the far-left Obama agenda even MSNBC will be unable to ignore.

*Chart Courtesy of Rove.com and available here.