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Harry Reid Has a Koch Fetish [video]

During his brief opening remarks this morning, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continued his unprecedented attacks on two private individuals because they disagree with him politically. Reid mentioned the Kochs by name more than 30 times in his opening remarks.

Media Buries Charlotte Mayor’s Political Affiliation to Protect Democrats

Charlotte’s mayor, Patrick Cannon was arrested today by FBI agents for alleged violations of public corruption laws. He has been charged with theft, bribery, wire fraud, and extortion. Would you care to guess the mayor’s political party? He’s a Democrat, but if you don’t follow politics, you might be left wondering. Neither NBC nor ABC’s local affiliates thought the mayor’s political affiliation was newsworthy.

In a 500+ word article by “WCNC.com staff”, NBC Charlotte refuses to mention that Mayor Patrick Cannon is a Democrat.

At WSOC TV, Charlotte’s ABC Affiliate, the news team ignores the mayor’s political affiliation even as it highlights the North Carolina Democratic Party’s response to the scandal.

Although CBS’s local affiliate begrudgingly admits Cannon is “a Democrat,” the national website’s version of the story omits his party label, but is sure to quote “Republican Gov. Pat McCrory” saying he’d known the mayor for 30 years. I’d like to hear CBS explain why McCrory’s party affiliation is relevant but Mayor Cannon’s is not.

Update: March 26, 2014 8:08 PM.

It looks like NBC Charlotte had no problem highlighting Cannon’s political affiliation when he was elected. Back then, it was boldly plastered in the headline. I wonder what changed.