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DC Weatherman takes School System to Task For Ignoring Forecast

Howard Bernstein, a meteorologist at Washington DC’s WUSA 9, had harsh words for the school system after they ignored weather reports and delayed their decision to cancel classes until the students “were already on their way to school.” He continued, “you put a lot of kids, and your faculty, and your administrators, and your bus drivers in jeopardy today by failing miserably on the call.” Watch for yourself below, or click here if Facebook’s embed fails to load:

Send Your Facebook Page’s Photos To Twitter The Right Way

My last post criticized North Carolina lawmakers for haphazardly posting every action they took on their Facebook page to their Twitter profile. This post will demonstrate a much better way to push photos from Facebook to Twitter without asking your non-Facebook audience to enter the walled garden.

If you’ve never heard of IFTTT, all you need to know is that it’s the secret sauce of Internet automation. There are other sites that fill the same niche, but IFTTT (which stands for If This Then That) is dead simple and it’s free. You can create an account here.

Using IFTTT, instead of publishing a link back to your Facebook page like this:

You can push the photo directly to Twitter.

Which one do you think your followers would rather see in their tweet stream? This approach isn’t just limited to Facebook. I use Instagram to share my photos, and each time I publish a new photo, IFTTT picks it up and re-posts it to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

You can get the recipe for sending Facebook Page photos to Twitter by clicking “add” below.

IFTTT Recipe: Share Facebook Page Photos to Twitter connects facebook-pages to twitter

IFTTT is fairly self-explanatory, but if you need help setting this up with other services, feel free to send me a message on Twitter. If you’d like to get all of my posts delivered to your inbox, you can sign up here.